…then God?

23 02 2010

There are a lot of times in life where it is easy to be spiritual, and it doesn’t even have to be in a church. You could have a conversation about God with a complete stranger, pray with a dear friend, read Scripture at your favorite coffee shop, or listen to a song of  praise on your way to the golf course. All of which I have experienced. And as easy as it can be to dive into the Lord in those nonchalant venues, there is one place (or time) where I always fail. Early morning.

I remember being in my first year of college and enrolled in an 8:00 AM hermeneutics (how to study the Bible) course. I lived in the dorms on a small campus and so my total prep time for a morning class (including travel) could be shaved down to 3.5 minutes; meaning I didn’t even have to wake up until 7:56. But those “early” mornings of diving into the Word brought heavy eyelids rather than awe inspired worship.

And still today, mornings are not my friend for devotion. I mean, I’m a lot better at getting up before 8:00 (I can even get up and around before 7:00 if need be), but never to spend time in prayer and meditation with Jesus. And I’m starting to realize that it’s a problem for me to be so lazy when it comes to an opportunity for spending time with God. But it’s ok, God understands…right?

But here’s what I’m starting to see for my life. When I refuse to get out of bed in the morning for God, it’s not a snooze issue – it’s a priority issue. Now a lot of people might think this is crazy, but here’s what I mean. Let’s say my dad called me this evening and offered to pay for me to play golf with him everyday next week, but it had to be the first tee time each day, probably around 7:20 AM. Would there be any hesitation on my part in making the decision to set my alarm and get up for golf? No, probably not. Or let’s say that our senior minister called me into his office this afternoon and told me I needed to be in the office an hour earlier each day or I would lose my job. Would I risk it by sleeping in?

So I’m willing to get myself up early in the morning for my own pleasure or sense of security, but when it comes to my chance to start my day with Jesus I remain dormant and slothful. And what that translates into in life is God not really being Lord of our lives. He is this great thing for Sunday mornings because he promises heaven, but realistically I need my sleep, so he’s going to need to adjust to that.

And if God is the Lord of our lives then it’s not just sleep that replaces him, but it is our jobs, sports, television, family, friends, responsibilities, and anything else this world says is priority.

If I am supposed to follow Jesus in this life that He has given me, then I must make him Lord of it. Or in his own words, I must, “take up my cross and follow” him.

Do I need sleep or do I need Jesus? Do I need money or do I need Jesus? Do I need…

In all actuality, I need JESUS.